​​The IJSO is a competition for students of maximum age 15, concerning science. It consists of a theoretical test, a test competition with multiple choice questions, and a experimental examination. Knowledge, understanding and skills concerning physics, chemistry, and biology are tested.

The first two years, in Indonesia, more then 200 young students from 35 countries, all around the world, participated. Every year  the number of participants is growing. 
Our purpose is to compete in the IJSO during the next years; To achieve this:
  • We became member of the International IJSO foundation during the meeting of the board in Yogyakarta, in December 2005. In january 2006 we have set up a foundation: "Jeugd Science Olympiade (JSO)". The participants are representatives from the "Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen" and the "Rijksuniversiteit Groningen", the national institute for curriculum development, SLO " and, as representative of the schools of secondary education, the "Candea College Duiven". This foundation will represent the Netherlands as a member of the worldwide coordinating IJSO foundation.
  • We raised funds to organize a nationwide selection to form a Dutch team and to take part in the International Olympiad. Participation is free for all schools and students if they comply with the rules.
  • This selection between students of the participating schools, will yearly consist of two parts: it starts with a contest held at the participating schools, which will yearly take place in April. The twenty best students will go to the second round that will be held in June. These students also get a practical exam!! After that second round, we know the names of the six young students that shall represent the Netherlands at the international meeting in December of that year.